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If you don't like me, someone else will. If you're not missing me, someone else is. If you don't love me, someone else does... :)
I'm the type of girl who wears sweatshirts and jeans all the time but can dress nicer when I want to.

I'm the type of girl who is loud and talkative but quiet when I'm sad. Basically, I'm not your average girl but I just wish someone would accept me for it.

I may not be a good ummah, a good daughter, a good student, a good friends, a good listener, a good girlfriends, a good in everything but... I'll try to be my best ;)

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Friday, December 23, 2011

POsT kali Nih Pasal Baby (Male Domestic LongHair) ..
Semua PhoTos Kat Sini Adalah CoLlectIOn Drpd UmUr die Satu (1) Hari .. YG latest pon ada.. nnti senang kiter POst Lagi ek... Kat BawaH Ni Ada Sedikit InFo Pasal Baby :

Nama: Baby aka Mamat Kecik
D.O.B : 1st August 2011
Sex : Male
Mommy : Angel Tri-Color (6 years Old)
Daddy : Simba Wamba (5 years Old)


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